Vizyon - Misyon



In all of its activities, to be always honest to the customers, to the employees, to the subordinate and the subsidiary industry. To be sharing and compromising in all relationships. Directing customers without forcing, without looking out for its own interest. To understand customer demands, needs and expectations and to meet customer expectationsby exceeding them.

To implement autonomous management and centralized control. Instead of instruction from the top, to adopt the decision from the bottom and approval from the top. To encourage innovative and creative approaches and to improve performance and the created value.

To help all staff to develop their careers with planned and systematic trainings and to make reach a psychology that works for their own.  To keep team work in the forefront; to share profit, loss, success and failure. To adopt all the principles and methods for producing and developing quality products with the "keeping the quality in the fore front," "to improve the processes continuously", "to do the  work accurately in the first time", "to monitor the  technological and sectoral developments".