Marble & Granite Saw Diamond

MESAD Diamond Technologies is one of the reputable companies of the industry in the area of diamond cutting. Our production life, which started in 2000, is continuing at full speed with our research and development activities. Our supply chain, which is a reflection of our understanding of trade focused on customer satisfaction seated all across Turkey, and our consultancy works which are the most efficient of the industry are continuing. Our central factory is located in Izmir and it consists of 3150 m2 covered area in an area of 7 thousand m2. Our factory in Ankara renders service in 1200 m2 closed area. Its production staff of 50 people in total is supported by a sales administrative accounting staff consisting 30 people. It comprises of a family of 80 people with one big heart. It is one of the three biggest manufacturers in the sector. In addition, it is the industry leader in product range.