Marble & Granite Abrasive

Mesad Abrasive started to produce abrasives with the know-how it has obtained from Italy in 2000 by considering the location and potential of Turkey in the world of stone and ceramics industries. Since 2005, it has included all polish stones in its production portfolio.

Mesad Abrasive has become one of the leading brands in Turkey particularly in the abrasive and polishing of marble in the course of time. It has stood out from among its competitors by giving importance to R & D and providing non-stop on-site technical support to its customers. Today, it continues to proceed on its way by strengthening its position in important markets both in Turkey and abroad.

Thus, we can offer a quality and reliable alternative to our customers in a very important retrofitting process to successfully polish a stone.

Mesad Abrasive is only one of the field of activities of the producer company POLISTONE.